Tree Maintenance & Seasonal Tree Care

Keeping Your Trees Healthy, Happy, & Beautiful All Year Long

NRV Tree Guy tree removal

Since we care about tree care, we do more than remove tough-to-reach trees. We also help you care for the trees that are on your property.

Like everything, trees need water, nutrients, and consistency to thrive. But trees also require routine maintenance, and sometimes, the combination of nutrients and water gets out of whack.

That's why you need an expert to help you take care of your trees and determine what's wrong.

Tree Pruning

Sometimes to keep your tree healthy as a whole, you need to remove parts that are unhealthy. NRV Tree Guy safely prunes trees and can reach even the high branches for you.

Pruning is necessary to keep your trees in shape, but it can also be essential to keep your home and family safe. NRV tree guy is also available to examine trees, determine potentially dangerous branches, and remove them before they cause any damage.

Pruning on your own is not recommended. You might believe something is unhealthy that isn't, or you may miss something that needs pruning. Instead, benefit from our experience and allow us to prune your trees before the winter.

Tree Trimming

Did you know there's a difference between trimming and pruning trees? It's true! Where pruning refers to removing branches and unhealthy parts, trimming is the general shaping of trees. So basically, it's like giving your tree a haircut.

Unfortunately, unlike a haircut, trimming your tree too much can damage your tree, and over-trimmed branches may not grow back.

It's easy to think that tree trimming is just making your trees look more presentable, but because tree trimming is so vital to tree health, it should only be done by experienced tree workers.

Seasonal Tree Care & Tree Health Check-Ups

All of the above services, including trimming and pruning, can fall under seasonal tree care, but tree care can also include fertilization and other tasks to keep your trees looking and feeling their best.

Maybe everything looks great with your trees, but you just want to ensure they are healthy. NRV Tree Guy is available for general Tree Health check-ups. Think of it as your trees' yearly physicals!

Are you interested in signing up for seasonal tree care? Let us put you on a regular maintenance plan!

Aged Oak Fire Wood Delivery

When we take down an oak tree, we cut it into manageable pieces and age the wood. So, let us know if your fireplace, fire pit, or wood-burning stove needs some fuel! We deliver within the New River Valley.