Tree Removal

Sometimes bad things happen to good trees.

Tree Removal In Progress

Sometimes, tree care doesn’t mean tree removal. Many tree and landscaping companies perform tree services like pruning and trimming but can’t take down a dangerous tree. NRV Tree Guy specializes in tree removal and emergency tree removal.

We love trees. But sometimes, trees get sick, get hurt by weather, or are located precariously on your property. When you have a tree that endangers your home or is in the way of land development or building, NRV Tree Guy is the tree expert to call to remove your tree.

Safely Removing Trees

Tree removal involves more than chopping an ax and yelling “timber.” Tree removal requires careful planning, experience, and the right equipment to be done safely.

At NRV Tree Guy, safety is our number one priority, and we have the tree removal experience needed to ensure your house and your property are safe while taking down the tree you need to remove.

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to take down trees that other companies are afraid to touch.

Is This Tree A Danger To My Home?

As someone outside the tree business, you may not know if a tree is potentially hazardous to your home. Give us a call, and we will help you determine if a tree needs removal.

We are known not only for our knowledge but our fairness and honesty with our customers. We will give you a straight answer about whether your tree needs to be removed or not.

If your tree is not healthy but is not yet a danger, we can also help you with improving your tree’s health. It all starts with asking us the question.

Tree Clean Up: Limb Clean-Up, Stump Grinding & Tree Disposal


You might assume that tree removal would include cleaning up the property afterward. Unfortunately, we have found that that’s not the case for some companies, as they leave behind piles of debris.

That said, the NRV tree guy always thoroughly cleans up after ourselves after tree removal. Our tree removal service includes safely cutting down the tree, grinding the stump down to nothing, collecting all branches and limbs, and hauling everything away for disposal.

Your property will look better than before we started when we finish, guaranteed.

NRV Tree guy considers clean-up to be part of the job.