About Our Tree Care

Caring for Trees and People

At NRV Tree Guy, our goal is to keep your trees healthy and keep your home safe from hazardous trees. NRV Tree Guy is your go to resource for all your tree care needs.


We make sure our customers are completely satisfied before we finish the job, and we are consistently caring, honest and professional with every interaction.


We got into this work because we love it and want to create a positive experience for all of our clients.


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NRV Tree Guy Employees and dog
  • Mission

    We want to help you enjoy your trees, and keep them healthy while keeping your home and family safe. 

  • Vision

    Be the go-to source for difficult tree removal and other tree care in the New River Valley. 

  • Values

    We value the life of trees and those who live around and in them. We also value treating our customers well and doing the job right. 


Local Professional Tree Care

The NRV Tree Guy is Ian Duval.

Ian Duval got the treecare bug when he was just 13. His first job was working for the forestry service and he’s been a “tree guy” ever since.

Not having to be in the same place from nine to five was important to Ian. He worked for various tree care companies in the New River Valley  and in 2020 had the opportunity to buy out his partner’s share of the business. That’s when NRV Tree Guy was incorporated.

Ian loves doing all the things tree work and has been in the business for over 30 years.

Brooke Duval is the Office Manager for NRV Tree Guy.

Brooke does everything that doesn’t involve being in or cutting down a tree. From writing checks and office work to client communication, Brooke does it all, and Ian couldn’t do it without her!

Ian and Brooke are happily married and have two kids, a two-year-old granddaughter and three huskies, Libby and her twins Bandit and Daisy.

The Duvals live in Dublin. In their spare time they enjoy hanging out with their kids, granddaughter and dogs.